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Discount Rain Guards | Best Vent Visors and WIndow Guards | Reviews & Videos
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Rainy weather reports getting' you down? Don't fret—there's a way to breathe fresh air without the hassle of getting drenched. Something as simple as investing in rain guards for your vehicle makes cracking a window during those unruly storms a regular occurrence. Plus, vent visors are easy to install—with absolutely no drilling. What's more, vent visors are custom-made for your car, truck or SUV by the top manufacturers in the market, like WeatherTech, EGR, ACS, Westin and more.

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EGR In-Channel Rain Guards

Twelve hours anywhere can drive a sane person crazy. But, imagine being confined in a moving vehicle, without the ability to crack a window for fresh air. It's not that your ride's power windows are out-of-whack, it's just that you don't really feel like getting wet from the torrential downpour happening outside your ride. Rather than sit there and suffer mile-by-mile—find a simple solution. You already know that there's nothing duct tape can't fix. Well, just imagine the powers of 3M double-sided tape? Combined its adhesive talents with quality EGR In-channel Rain Guards and – BAM – you've got the ability to roll down those windows and breathe deep!

AVS Ventvisor Window Deflectors

It's not a surprise that you've decked out your Mini Cooper to make it your own—you've always embraced your eclectic style.  If you're worried that the only way to let your windows down and keep the rain out is with smoke rain guards, you're mistaken. Continue to explore your own personal style with AVS Chrome Ventvisors. That's right, chrome rain guards for your Mini Cooper. Plated in real chrome, these ABS plastic shields add glistening style to your already custom Mini. Plus, they are easy to install with 3M foam tape!

WeatherTech Side Window Deflector

When it comes to defending your car, truck or SUV from serious weather, there are plenty of top-of-the-line accessories. But what about a product that shields the rain from entering your cab while allowing you to escape the confinements of a stuffy vehicle? Weathertech Side Window Deflectors are exactly what you need. Custom-fit you’re your year, make and model, you can totally avoid asking, "What are the best rain guards for an F-150?" In fact, these quality rain guards not only fit perfectly, they install easily in-channel too—with no drilling!

AVS In-Channel Ventvisor

Commanding the road in your GMC is all fun and games—until someone can't crack a window for fresh air. You don't have to let crummy weather ruin your road-dominating ways. Get AVS Ventvisor Window Deflectors and stop the rain from entering your cab while inhaling cool, refreshing air. These GMC truck rain guards are custom made for your rig from UV-resistant acrylic. Plus, you can choose from front, rear or front & rear sets! And, thanks to their 3M mounting tape, installation is a breeze—pun intended.

Westin In-Channel Window Deflectors by Wade

You've got everything you crave, like a luxurious interior, a classy design and a powerful yet efficient engine. Really, what more could you want from your Honda CR-V? How about something simple, like the ability to roll down some windows without getting annihilated by rain drops or rushing wind? Solve that problem by decking out your ride with the Westin In-Channel Window Deflectors by Wade. These heavy-duty rain guards for your Honda CR-V are designed to perfectly nestle into the window-channel—no drilling and no tape needed! Yup—it's that simple to get everything you and your CR-V crave.

Westin Slim Line Window Deflectors by Wade

Your GMC Sierra is a big ol' truck. So why do you feel so claustrophobic on those long country drives? Could it be the inability to crack your window for fear of being pummeled with large raindrops? Bingo! Eliminate wet shirts and trousers with a rain guard for your GMC Sierra, like the EGR SlimLine Window Deflectors. These rain guards are custom-molded to your ride, block the elements from entering your cockpit and they can even improve your fuel economy by cutting wind drag! What are you waiting for? Install these puppies with the 3M tape and be on your way sucking up the fresh H2O.

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